New Products


New Jerusalem Stone Finish: Split Face WITHOUT Chisel Marks
According to the US market demand for products without chisel marks, Jerusalem Gardens is proud to present new product developed by our R&D team – Split Face WITHOUT Chisel Marks.

Also available in 24" height.

Colors availability: White, Beige, Cream, Grey, Buff, Dark Gold, Red and more

Thickness: 1-1/4" and up

Width: 4" - 24"

Length: up to 36"

Installation method:  direct application or mechanical fixing

Stone Parquet

Jerusalem Gardens Stone Works presents a new product that simulate the look of a wood floor by using natural stone.
This innovative and exciting new product brings together the beauty of natural stone with tradition wood floor design.
The Stone Parquet is not high maintenance as the wood floor, it’s more practical and easy to clean.

Product details:

  • The Stone Parquet can be used for exterior or interior application.
  • Cut in strips in free length and against the veins, which emphasis the look of an old antique wood floor.
  • Colors available: Yellow, Cream, Grey and White.
  • Can be applied with “under floor heating”. 
  • All finishes can be applied.
  • Thickness: 1/2” – 2”


Grass Finish
The Grass finish has been developed by Jerusalem Gardens in-house designer and is one of JGSW best sellers in 2009.

The Grass finish has horizontal stripes in an uneven texture and usually used for interior and exterior cladding or exterior flooring.

Product details:

  • This finish can be applied on the following stones: Benjamin, Hebron, Pearl, Olive and Karina.
  • The Grass finish is suitable for exterior and interior applications.
  • Colors available: Yellow, Cream, Grey and White.
  • Thickness: 1/2" and up. 



Chocolate Jerusalem Stone

JGSW is proud to present the first Chocolate color Jerusalem Stone.
Chocolate Jerusalem Stone is a strong, low maintenance and durable dolomite limestone. According to the ASTM standard the Stone consider in the High Density range.
Chocolate Jerusalem Stone can be used for all applications: Interior/ Exterior/ Cladding/ Flooring/ Cut- To- Size/ Special Elements.



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