Mamilla Project - Stone by JGSW
Subject: Mamilla Project - Stone by JGSW
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Mamilla Project – Natural Stone by JGSW 

New Construction


Mamilla-Alrov Quarter

Commercial, Residential, Shopping Center & Hotel

New Construction: On the south side are 200 residential units and 350 hotel rooms. On the north side are a bus terminal, public car parks for 1,600 vehicles, a two-level shopping street with 300,000 square feet of retail space, as well as apartments, offices, and a second hotel.

Location: Jerusalem, Israel

Architect: Moshe Safdie Architects

Stone Supplied: 350,000 SQ.M - supplied between 1984-2009

Stone Used: Benjamin Gold, Jerusalem Gold, Jerusalem Red, Galil Gold, Jat, Hebron White & Marble from around the world.


Stone Application 

Cladding, Paving, Interior & Special Elements:

Residential- "David's Village"

Citadel Hotel

Retail Boulevard & Shopping Center

General: Residential, Offices & Hotel

Restoration: Stern House & Retail Boulevard.


Installation: Wet Set

Project web-site: Alrov Group


Alrov Boulevard: Paving &

Cladding Light Chiseled


Retail, Residential,

offices, parking &hotel


Residential: Paving &

Cladding Light Chiseled

Alrov Boulevard - Retail


 The exterior shopping center in Mamilla project known as "Alrov Boulevard" is one of the unique projects in Israel combining new with old, history with modernism. The boulevard was restored and renew by JGSW combining new stone with old to preserve the original look of the buildings in the area.  The stores old stone walls were uncovered and the stone strengthen for commercial use.  


Restoration of the Stern House- Mamilla

Stern House is one of the few buildings restored completely in the Mailla project. The house survived demolition after standing in the center of controversy on conservation opposite demolition. The decision of restoring the house received due to the fact that for four days in 1898 visited the house Benjamin Zeev Herzl while visiting the city presenting the contract for the Jewish State. The stone was numbered, dismantle and build back on new foundations according to the order it was removed.

5.jpg 5.jpg


Stone Installation by JGSW- Mamilla

All stone construction and restoration in the project from 1984 through 2009 wan done by JGSW including all sections of the project. The professional teams of JGSW included stone masons, engineers, site managers and stone specialists. The stone construction included the Commercial, Residential, Shopping Center & Hotel in the project.

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