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Custom Made Natural Stone for Your Project

Jerusalem Gardens Stone Works


Church of the Transfiguration , Orleans, MA USA  


Cathaedral Of Our Lady , CA 

Jerusalem Gardens Stone Works brings the spirit and history of Jerusalem into your community with a unique Jerusalem Stone Collection.  
The traditional finishes of Jerusalem Stone have a 3,000 year history of use, we make sure that our traditional collection preserves the look of the past while meeting the needs of the 21st century.

The story of "Stone of Unction"  

The Stone of Unction, at the entrance to The Church of the Holy Sepulchre located at the end of the "Via Dolorosa " within the walled Old City of Jerusalem, commemorates the preparation of Jesus' body for burial.

The Stone of Unction is a Jerusalem Stone known as "Jerusalem Red" and is about six meters long and one meter wide.

This limestone slab dates from 1808, when the prior 12th-century slab was destroyed.

The "Jerusalem Red" is commonly used in current churches and is available in all cut to size dimensions for all application. See First Baptist Church, Gainesville, GA

Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Jerusalem, Israel stone_of_unction_1.jpg    jerusalem_red1.jpg Jerusalem Red


JGSW offers the following products for Churches

Curved Stone 

Wall cladding & Flooring 

Architectural Ornament 

Stone alter rail 

Custom Fireplaces 

Marble alter 


Stone Pulpit 

Art Mosaic 

Holy water font 


Stone lectern 

Antique Flooring 

Baptismal Fonts 

All Natural Stone Products 




Architectural Department

Architectural Department

JGSW maintains an In-House Architectural Department in order to service its clients.


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Project Support Services:

  •  3D stone visualization for Building Information modeling (BIM) & Integrated Project Delivery (IPD).
  •  Preconstruction service:
    •    Design - Assist
    •   Stone Consultation


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Church of the Transfiguration , Orleans, MA USA


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