Le Patio Project, South France - Stone by JGSW
Subject: Le Patio Project, South France - Stone by JGSW
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Le Patio Project (Cap De Antibes)– Natural Stone by JGSW

Onyx Doors



Le Patio - High-End Residential, South France 


DescriptionHigh-End Residential & Golf Club - Main Building

Designer: Studio A, Milano ITALY

Location: Cap De Antibes, France

Stone usedMarble, Limestone, Onyx, Travertine

Stone Details: By JGSW architectural department.



Residential: Lobby, interior floors, reception desk, patio- Zen garden, round walls cladding, bar, columns, elevators, bathrooms, special elements.

Golf Club: Exterior Paving, Interior Cladding & Flooring, Bathrooms.


Special Elements:

  • Interior Patio - Zen garden
  • Onyx floors and cladding combined with special lighting.
  • Bathrooms with pool and steam area.
  • Onyx glowing floating floor with lighting underneath
  • Vanity counters
  • delicate stone cabinet façade
  • Fireplace



Red Travertine 


Classico Travertine 



Rosso Marble & Onyx Floor                        Grey Marble Floor

7.jpg  6.jpg

Marble Columns & Travertine Floors & Walls 



Jerusalem Stone for Green Building - LEED

The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building Rating System from the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) has defined standards for building environmentally responsible structures.

As you pursue LEED Certification, JGSW is assisting you in attaining points.

LEED certification points are based on the overall building design concept and performance.
All components referring to a given category must be taken into consideration to assess point compliance.

For more information regarding the LEED categories which are relevant for attaining points please contact our Marketing Department at
: info@jgsw-group.com

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Architectural Department

JGSW maintains an In-House Architectural Department in order to service its overseas clients. All shop drawings are prepared in-house in coordination with production, in order to achieve maximum efficiency to meet the project's requirements. 

An interactive process of shop drawings preparation takes place between the project's architect and JGSW architects using industry-standard graphic software.
By having its architectural department in-house, JGSW maintains the highest degree of flexibility and response time to meet the customer's demands and needs.

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